Tauranga Office Equipment Services

We fix, repair, service and maintain office equipment.

If your Fax, Printer, Multifunction Machine, Calculator, Shredder or Other Office Equipment has a problem:

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We will save you money

Well maintained and serviced office equipment lasts longer, works better and doesn't need replacing as early. So you save money. Check our Services
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We will make you and your staff happier

We will reduce the noise from worn out or badly adjusted equipment and reduce equipment jams and failures. Your staff will have a quieter work environment and have less downtime wrestling with the equipment.

We Promise You Same Day Response

We Protect You, your Staff and Customers as our staff are Qualified to perform Electrical Safety Testing

You can Trust us to Repair, Service, or Reprogram your:

We can provide your Office Equipment Consumables:

You can have peace of mind with Cost Effective:

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